Unique, upcycled bags. Handmade in Athens.

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Vegan Bags

We strive to minimise our environmental impact and use as little leather as possible. We do produce Vegan versions of most of our products and some of them are leather-free throughout. This is where you'll find all our Vegan bags.

3Q Originals

The 3QUARTERS Originals is based on the classic ochre and white of the Athenian balcony awnings. This is the colour palette that started everything. All our models come in their 3QUARTERS Originals colour combination. However there is a catch! They might look similar but all of them are still unique! No white is like the next, no ochre is like another. All our backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder bags and clutch bags in a big family.


Backpacks are not easy to get right. They have to have the right fit, be spacious yet not too big and above all they have to be functional. Some have too many pockets, others have none at all. Our backpacks are perfectly balanced. They are sturdy, waterproof and expandable, and as comfy as they get. Everything the modern urbanite needs. And they are beautiful.


James is a modern urban backpack. It is stylish, sturdy and expandable. It's designed for flexibility and comfort, for riding a bike or a weekend away. With a padded back and three deep pockets, it's simple yet more than one needs.


Our Phoebe backpack is the perfect everyday backpack. Featuring a flap, fully lined and with extra pockets, it's spacious, comfy and stylish.


A good messenger bag is the easiest bag to carry. It's classic and practical, suitable for work, a stroll or everyday use. Everyone has one. The 3QUARTERS messenger bags are waterproof throughout, light and comfy and the hold their fare share. They're surprisingly spacious, with just enough pockets and fine craftsmanship. You have to hold one to appreciate it and we're doing our best so you do.


Our take on the classic messenger bag. Simple, functional and beautiful. The waterproof, extra light and spacious Zelda messenger bag is irresistible. Fully lined, with two internal and a zipped external pocket, Zelda is a just what the messenger bag was meant to be.

Shoulder bags

Shopping bag, beach bag, carry all bag, weekend bag. All are simply shoulder bags, easy to carry and hold everything! The truly everyday bag is always a shoulder one and we're doing our best to get everyone just right.


Flerry is our stylish every day shopper shoulder bag, the one that can go anywhere. An all-day bag that stands out, it is everybody's favourite design. Deep and spacious, with a generous hidden pocket and two outside pockets it can fit almost everything. Take it out on a city walk and you'll never leave it aside.


Sunny is our large beach bag. Waterproof and sturdy, it is designed to fit everything a day at the beach would require. Withe three external and three internal pockets, a zip flap at the top and loose straps on one side, it can carry towels, mattress, magazines, the lot! Of course it's a shoulder bag and it can easily be used for shopping, yoga or a weekend away. Sunny can go anywhere!


The ideal bag for an evening, a clutch bag is a must have. Carrying the essentials and adding a touch of class to any outfit. Have a look at a 3QUARTERS clutch bag and see how an upcycled material can do so much.

Sophia L

Sophia L is a beautiful shoulder clutch bag with a twist. It can unfold and become a stylish tote bag that fits your documents. Or flowers.

Sophia S

The hand clutch bag; compact, elegant and handy. A twin sister of Sophia L, it features a short leather strap that fits to the wrist and makes it into the classiest of evening accessories. Of course it still can unfold into a tote bag but frankly, a good clutch bag is just that.


Purses, wallets, handbags, lunch bags. It's the small, essential items that go with you everywhere. The accessories of every day life that need to work well and we hardly ever think about. Let's do them right then.


Cookie is our favourite little lunch bag. Waterproof, practical and of course handmade it's the perfect daily companion for a sustainable, healthy living.


A handsome, classic vintage metal clasp purse for all your essentials. Theodora is a limited edition, old fashioned purse to compliment any outfit.


Everything happens here, in Athens. The city is our inspiration and we source all our materials locally.


We re-purpose used and leftover balcony awnings and venetian blind straps into beautiful, functional products.


All our products are individually designed, cut and sewn by us. Every one is made unique; we put a little bit of ourselves in each.

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