3QUARTERS handmade upcycled bags, local and unique
3QUARTERS handmade upcycled bags, local and unique


Athens has a lot of sun, a lot of balconies and a lot of awnings!

Awnings are used as a shade from the sun and rain on most balconies in the city. They have solid block colours on the outside and lively, quirky patterns on the inside. Being extremely durable and sturdy, we thought of re-purposing these large quantities of used and leftover fabrics.

We only use local.

All our secondary materials and tools are locally made and sourced. And our products are made here, in our workshop in Athens.


Why upcycled?

We find a new purpose for something.

Waste is not good for the environment. Upcycling is a way of finding a new purpose for old or unwanted items instead of throwing them away.

We use less energy.

Traditional recycling is great but unwanted and discarded items require energy and resources to collect sort and process.

It’s creative!

Once you start to upcycle, you begin to see the potential re-use for everything that you come in contact with.


We put a little bit of our love in every product.

There is something special about making, selling and buying handmade. Each handmade item is about people and not machines and we put a little bit of our love in every product we make.

All our products are conceptualized by us. The materials and colour combinations have been carefully selected and cut and sewn by hand in our workshop.


Since we work with materials that are used or leftover, we are dependent on what is available to us and we may never get the same colours and patterns again. A combination of fabrics of different ages is used in making each bag, and so may soften and fade at different rates.

This makes your bag unique.


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