3QUARTERS by Savrani Creations

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with the shoe brand Savrani Creations, one of the most prominent brands in bridal and luxury shoes in Greece. A selection of floral patterns has been turned into an exclusive 3QUARTERS bag collection and a limited edition shoe named “Athena”. All made out of leftover awning fabrics.

As a part of our zero-waste policy, we’re constantly looking for ways to use our own leftover fabrics. We’ve made accessories and home decorations, and always strive to be creative with them. Now we take it a step further.

We proudly present "Athena"

A Collection of custom shoes created with our leftover awnings, made exclusively by Savrani Creations.

Choose your fabric

For 3QUARTERS Katerina selected her four favourite awning floral motifs to create a spring bag collection matching the “Athena” shoes. Pair your custom made Savrani shoes with a clutch, shopping bag or backpack, and choose between vegan or naturally dyed leather options.

There are four pattern options. Pick the one you love for your custom made “Athena” shoes here. Take a note of it and add it to your order.

Order your shoes

The “Athena” shoes are extremely comfortable and of the highest quality. A signature Savrani Creations.

They come in European sizes 35-41 and with the option of real leather or a vegan alternative. If you are in Athens, a measuring appointment can be booked so your shoes will be built upon your foot. With your fabric choice, shoe size and leather or not finishing we are ready to go!

At the next step, you’ll be able to see all the matching 3QUARTERS bags by Savrani Creations. 

Meet Katerina Savrani

Katerina Savrani is a talented creature, an artist and an artisanal, one of the most acclaimed in her field in Greece.

She studied theatre and worked as a model in Paris, before returning to Athens to follow a successful career in theatre, cinema and television. Her art though expands also to crafting. Her brand ‘Savrani Creations’ is one of the most prominent in bridal and luxurious shoes in Greece and her custom made designs are outstanding.

There is no material Katerina would not experiment with. Her creativity led her to built a pair of shoes using our leftover awnings. We are super happy to present to you “Athena”.

3QUARTERS with Savrani Creations

James backpack

Flerry shoulder bag

Sophia clutch bags