Do you want to find a sustainable brand,  cafe, place in this crazy big world? Are you looking for a way to empower local communities and help bring the change the world so desperately needs? Do you love travelling and exploring cities? Fine Fair Cities is the right tool for you.


What is FUN+FAIR? Let’s hear it from them:

“The next global economy is sustainable, ethical, fair trade. Brands, NGOs, bloggers and consumers are changing lives. These are the ones we want everyone to know about. We find, connect, and promote social-driven creativity from game-changers who are working to enhance the well-being of people all around the world. The world needs more FINE+FAIR cities.”

In the Woods we walk and live. Come along. This is the 2017 Winter Collection from 3QUARTERS.


What’s the 3QUARTERS connection here?

The people behind F+F are always on the lookout for the freshest ideas and updates in sustainable living. New brands, shops, fun places spring up all over the world, the sustainability movement is marching. And so it happens we have been invited to be featured in their beautiful platform. Of course, we couldn’t refuse the honour and we are super happy to announce that we are officially a part of the FINE+FAIR community.

You can see our page here and we’ll be humbled if you spread the word. Big big thanks to the whole F+F team.