How to make a lunch bag? You can use any spare bag and carry your lunch or you can have a look at Cookie, our brand new 3QUARTERS upcycled lunch bag! Yes, you read it right, we have just launched a carry everywhere, practical and fashionable lunch bag alright. But let’s take things from the beginning.


What’s in a lunch?

What do you have for lunch? A rushed something from somewhere in between work appointments? A fruit or sandwich? Coffee and cigarettes? Or a good, wholesome, home-cooked lunch that will really keep you going throughout the day? It’s the most important meal of the day after all. You can have your choice, you make it a daily project, you can try out new recipes.

And we don’t even want to mention the cost. Get the cheapest offer on the menu and compromise your health, or fork out for the best and only eat lunch every third day? Buying lunch everyday adds up, no matter what. So bringing lunch from home wins again, hands down.

However, there’s another point to consider, the usual elephant in the room. Do we ever consider all the packaging from ready made meals, take away, or even the simplest plastic bag from the supermarket? An environmentally conscious lifestyle is becoming (thankfully) mainstream and it always starts from the most basic, simple daily habits. Getting a washable, reusable container  is all it takes.

How about a lunch bag then?

A Cookie to the rescue! Out brand new lunch bag is a quintessential 3QUARTERS bag. Handmade with care, upcycled from waterproof awnings and super super stylish. There’s no leather used so they’re completely sustainable. They can even be machine washed! Large enough to fit a lunch box, most containers, fruits or anything else, with a secure Velcro fastening and a nifty little strap that carries like a dream. We even added two elastic bands inside it, to store a small water bottle or our reusable spork or chopsticks. How thoughtful you say!


Don’t miss out, follow this link and see all our Cookies now. Pick your favourite, add to basket, check out! And enjoy your meal!

(Oh! We never answered the title question. The video above is how to make a lunch bag then, or at least how we did.)