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Memento Mori

A series of limited edition Kali totes, made from the Memento Mori exhibition banners. They are inspired by five great women, who have had a decisive influence on our western cultural history.

Memento Mori at 3QUARTERS

We are more than happy to have a new art collaboration with Thomas Maria Malangeri presented in our flagship store. Thomas, an incredible illustrator and a dear friend, used his amazing talent to design our Spring 2022 store decoration!

Memento Mori Art reminds us of our own inevitable mortality and to live our life consciously. The Memento Mori series of pictures shows 5 skulls of great women, who have had a decisive influence on our western cultural history: Maria Callas, Melina Mercouri, Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf and Coco Chanel. They all embody a passionate, often uncompromising life until their death. Inspired by those talented women, and our common love for cats, he creates a series of colourful, mysterious artworks, blended with our awning patterns.

And you can actually purchase Thomas’ artwork as special limited-edition Kali totes. Each bag is unique and made from the exhibition banners and awning fabrics. The prints were designed in advance at the actual size of the Kali pattern and turned into collectable Kali tote bags. Naturally, following truly zero-waste principles.

Meet Thomas Maria Malangeri

If someone asks him what he does for a living, he prefers to say flâneur or day thief. Or a draughtsman. After all, who can always say that so clearly?

Thomas Maria Malangeri alias tausendschwarz/1000schwarz lives and draws in Wuppertal, Bonn, Athens & on Corfu. He actually learned the trade of screen printer, but after a few years, he fell in love with theatre and cabaret. There he takes care of the artists’ well-being and whenever time allows, he draws whatever he feels like.