The 3QUARTERS workshop in Athens.
The 3QUARTERS workshop in Athens. Photo by Nicoletta Barbata (One Quarter Greek).

We are 3QUARTERS and imagine our surprise when we got a message from someone signing as One Quarter Greek! It turns out it’s our soulmate from Italy. Or maybe London? Or Santorini? In any case, it’s Nicoletta and we love her!

Nicoletta is indeed one-quarter Greek and three-quarters Italian. She moved to Santorini from London last year and maintains an amazing blog about her new life, fresh ideas and people and her Greek adventure.

We got to meet so many interesting people through her and we consider her truly a part of the family. Check out her work and if you ever find yourself in fabulous Santorini make sure you arrange a coffee with her. Her laugh is honestly addictive!

Ready then? We’re really chuffed about this and here it is in all its glory!