A creator’s closet hides the key to their soul, their inspiration and character. This is the motto behind a fresh fashion blog, ‘In The Closet’ and this past week it was our closets’ turn to be inspected.


Think about it…

It’s an intriguing idea, isn’t it? It makes you think what is in it and what out, what the most cherished item of clothing or accessory is. Our closet reflects our taste, our discipline, our secrets. Some people are hoarders, collecting everything and anything. Others barely pay attention to what the wear. In any case, everything has to be in their wardrobe.


In The Closet feature for 3QUARTERS, December 2016


The guys behind the blog are passionate about fashion but have that extra little something. The warmth and curiosity about the process, the creators themselves and what they believe in. They want to find out what lies behind the product and they go as far as the intimacy of a person’s bedroom. We had a wonderful day in our workshop over coffee, exchanging ideas and secrets, jokes and plans.

You can read all about it right here! And in case you’re wondering what we chose as our favourite items, Gary chose a ring and John chose his bike. Alright, a bike doesn’t fit in the closet but there you go.