Plarn and awnings, such different materials sharing a synthetic heritage. This is story about an ongoing collaboration in Upcycling that makes up proud.


Upcycling? Plarn?

Here are two questions.

Remember this little post we wrote on Upcycling a while ago? It was about a feasible, responsible and sustainable lifestyle that goes beyond recycling. The idea that everything starts with consumption and how change comes from the little things. Everything that goes in the 4Rs: reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle. Upcycling is a the creative child of the last two stages.

How about plarn then, do you know what it is? Plarn is the yarn made from plastic bags, a surprisingly cool material that addresses the waste created from the common and ubiquitous plastic bag. It can be used to crochet and weave an infinite amount of products and it works and looks great!



Enter Théla

For a while now we’ve been facing the problem of what to do with the scraps from the fabrics we use. They’re too irregular to make things from and we do our best to minimise the cutting room floor waste. But still, what to do with them?

Enter Théla, a new project by our friend Diti, addressing waste by focusing on plastic. In her own words, “Théla crochets, weaves and sews fun and functional products from used and leftover plastic bags”. Could we help with some awnings for lining? Will our leftover scraps suit? Yes of course, thank you very much! Bingo! Here it is then, the little awning orphans and the humble plastic bag turned into plarn, a perfect match!

You’ll love what Théla makes, we know we do. Coasters, decorations, mats and toys and so many more things to come. All handmade with care. You can check her etsy shop and soon find out more at


Plarn and awnings, an upcycling collaboration between 3QUARTERS and Théla