Scorching heat, mosquitoes and the holidays still a few weeks away. Let’s beat the odds with a summer party, music and bags! And a cocktail or two. Let’s!

Party you say?

Our workshop in the centre of Athens has been open for a couple of months now. It’s such a quirky spot, lots of comings and goings and it’s been such a wonderful time. And since we love all the new people we’re meeting daily, the next thing that popped in our heads was: let’s meet some more! It’s hot, it’s crazy and the holidays seem so far away. Let’s have a party then!


Summer Party at 3QUARTERS


We called it “Music, Drinks & Bags” and all three will be here in all their glory! Take your dog, your spouse or whoever you fancy, put on your flipflops and let’s have a good one! Mark the date: Wednesday 20th July, around or after 8pm. The venue of course is our workshop and here’s a map for you.

We also created a Facebook event to pencil down. See you soonest!