Despite already having vegan bags in our roaster, we recently took up the challenge of turning two of our Phoebe backpacks leather free. 3QUARTERS is all about creative sustainability after all and one of the things that we want to offer is leather-free bags.

Our Sunny and Theodora are already vegan and recently we developed a third one (you’ll hear about it soon enough), but removing the leather from an existing model was something we hadn’t done before.

Enter Maya and Shay. They loved our ochre and sky blue Phoebe, but what about the leather? Can we change them to vegan? Sure! Phoebe has a leather handle and leather back straps, with a cordon for tightening the top. All of this turned into our Venetian blind straps and the result was fantastic! It turned out more complex than we thought, every detail needs to be perfect but a few hours later the job was done and all of us are super happy.

And what about other vegan bags?

We design and craft every one of our bags with the utmost care and the choice of materials is paramount. Leather adds longevity and a certain quality and it contrasts very nicely with our awning fabrics. Nevertheless, our plan here at 3QUARTERS is to offer all our bags with a leather-free option.

We’re working on it and the Phoebe experiment was really rewarding. The real challenge will be Flerry and James where leather is such a central part of the design and functionality of them. But we have some pretty cool ideas up our sleeves and more vegan bags will be out soon. Stay tuned.

* Update: Here is where you can find all our Vegan Bags in one place. They turn out to be so popular we gathered them in one place. 🙂


Vegan bags from 3QUARTERS