Yoga mat circus at 3QUARTERS! What a crazy day we had at the workshop today making our first prototype yoga mat. And not only did we have our laughs, it’s a good one too!


Yoga mat circus at 3QUARTERS


Can you guess what the photo above is all about? It’s the shenanigans we have to put up with to make something new! Yoga mats having a length somewhat bigger than the average bag, turning the thing inside out is quite a challenge. And this is how John ended up like a caterpillar in a cocoon, gasping for breath. Everything turned out fine at the end, our prototype mat is ready and we have a seal of approval from our resident yoga teacher. Here’s the result:


The 3QUARTERS yoga mat


The yoga mat will be in production soon we hope. Three have been tried out already, they are being tested out throughout the globe and it’s only a matter of time till we launch them. Stay tuned!