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3QUARTERS by Savrani Creations
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Upcycled bags, Sustainably made

3QUARTERS re-purposes leftover balcony awning fabrics into beautiful, functional products. All our upcycled bags are individually cut and sewn by hand. Each one is different. Chose a bag that nobody else will ever have.

Made with care, designed to last

We take care in handcrafting unique products.

We want them to be used and loved. We’ll repair them when needed and we’d love to take them back at the end of their life.

It’s that simple.

Upcycling local waste

Everything is sourced locally. So far, we have diverted more than 3 tonnes of synthetic fabrics from landfills. And reused all of our own leftovers.

What is an awning?

We upcycle leftovers and offcuts from the awning industry. These fabrics are sturdy, waterproof, and abundant. Sadly, most of it goes to a landfill, and here is where we come in. 

Read all obout the 3QUARTERS sustainability credentials


If we are to reclaim and re-purpose waste material, it only makes sense not to create our own. That’s why we adhere to a strict zero-waste policy in our production and distribution.

Project Zero

Tired of your old 3QUARTERS bag? Have you used it to death? Something wrong with it? None of it sounds likely, but who knows?

Whatever the case, don’t throw it away! That’s not cool. Send it back to us for free and we’ll take care of it. Plus you get 10% off your next purchase!


Part of the Sustainabile Fashion family