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Shoulder Bags
Vegan Bags
The 2020 Summer Collection by 3QUARTERS is here!


A modern urban backpack. Expandable, sturdy and waterproof.


The beach bag, picnic bag, yoga bag, everyday-everything bag.

The 2020 Summer Collection by 3QUARTERS is here!
The 2020 Summer Collection by 3QUARTERS is here!


A beautiful clutch with a twist – it unfolds to become a stylish tote.

handmade, upcycled bags

We re-purpose leftover balcony awnings into beautiful, functional products. All our upcycled bags are individually designed, cut and sewn by us. Each one is made unique. This is Sustainable Fashion.

What is an awning?

We upcycle leftovers and offcuts from the awning industry. These fabrics are sturdy, waterproof, and abundant. Sadly, most unwanted rolls go to a landfill, and here is where we come in. 

Athens, painting by Daniel Rich. Used with permission. Copyright Daniel Rich.
Daniel Rich, Athens, 2017


If we are to reclaim and re-purpose waste material, it only makes sense not to create our own. That’s why we adhere to a strict zero-waste policy in our production and distribution.

Project Zero

Tired of your old 3QUARTERS bag? Have you used it to death? Something wrong with it? None of it sounds likely, but who knows?

Whatever the case, don’t throw it away! That’s not cool. Send it back to us for free and we’ll take care of it. Plus you get a little perk!


Part of the Sustainabile Fashion family