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3QUARTERS is an innovative sustainable fashion brand founded in 2015 in Athens, Greece. Focusing on upcycled fashion accessories and committed to the principles of sustainable design, we work intentionally on small-scale production. And try to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially, and environmentally conscious fashion.

About 3QUARTERS and sustainable fashion


We are sensitive about the environment, aware of the fashion industry’s impact on it, and the endless cycle of quick consumption and discarding of products. A Circular Economy and Sustainable Fashion industry environmentally and socially is our dream.

We work with international organizations, like the Fashion Revolution movement, to promote a responsible shift in production and consumption of fashion products. We collaborate with like-minded brands and shops around the world.

Upcycling locally reclaimed materials and applying to a zero-waste policy, we innovate and conserve at the same time. There’s always more to do and all we can promise is to do our best. And always try to improve.

Our Principles


We take inspiration from Athens, its people and landscape. We believe in utilizing years of experience, relying, engaging, interacting and supporting our community by sourcing all our materials from our neighborhood, the city itself.


We upcycle leftover and used awning fabrics from the ubiquitous Athenian balconies. We are sensitive about the environment, aware of the fashion industry’s impact on it and the endless cycle of quick consumption and discarding of products. We aspire to a zero-waste fashion.


We work with our hands and are loving it. We take pride in making things slowly, purposefully and with care. We believe in small scale production, in creating something personal that connects with people; and trying new things is such a rewarding challenge.


We design and handcraft all our products one by one. Our options are limited and working with what is available is an extra challenge. The materials, colour combinations and details are all individually considered each time. We never make a bag twice.


We are John and Gary, a photographer and web developer based in London and an architect and fashion guru coming from Rotterdam.

A brother and sister team with a common love for bicycles, dogs and cats. And of course bags. Coming from different fields we bring new ideas to our work and it’s a thrilling experience.

Architect, designer, researcher. Garyfalia Pitsaki is an architect involved in projects that reshape the understanding of urban living space. She holds a Diploma in Architecture Engineering from the NTUA and an M.Sc. in Architecture, Urbanism, and Building Sciences from TU Delft. Her projects explore the moment of the link between architectural design, technology, and craftsmanship in a bottom-up urban engagement. She is the founder of the architectural office and co-founder of 3QUARTERS, a sustainable fashion accessories brand.

John Pitsakis, co-founder of 3QUARTERS

John Pitsakis


John is the co-founder of 3QUARTERS. He has a background in photography and web development and is also a part of the sustainable brand Théla. In 2020, he was at the jury panel of the EU Social Innovation Competition “Re-imagine Fashion”.

He spends most of his time between Athens and London and is responsible for communications, strategy and most practical things.