We are really happy to be one of the three brands featured in the front-page story about Handmade Fashion in Kathimerini newspaper.

Handmade Fashion

The questions of sustainability, small scale production and working by hand are being brought up all the time nowadays. They are some of the keys of a sustainable future and we are happy that they find their way to the mainstream. Especially in Greece, where the production of 3QUARTERS is based, it has been a little overdue. Being flooded with fast fashion, cheap products still has a dominating effect in the public but things are changing slowly.

Handmade Fashion in KathimeriniKathimerini Article

One of the leading daily newspapers in Greece, Kathimerini, decided to make an article about new brands that work by hand, slowly and purposefully, defying the trends. And we were extremely pleased that Ms Tassoula Eptakili contacted us to be one of the three highlighted brands. We were visited by the photographer Nikos Kokkalias and gave an in-depth phone interview to Ms Eptakili. The resulting article and photos, especially being on the front-page, was something special.

An extremely big thank you to the whole team! You can read the online version here: Handmade Fashion in Kathimerini