Need a waterproof tote bag? We got you covered.

So you need a waterproof tote bag?

You were given a free cotton tote, or ten? They're handy and useful but they don't fit much, right? How about a waterproof tote that does?

Carrying a tote is the right thing to do

We don’t want to tire you with unnecessary stuff, so let’s skip the numbers. The world is choking on plastic waste and most of it has been used for a walk, tops. Plastic carry bags from supermarkets and stores are one of the prime sources of all this and it’s anyone’s guess why they’re still around. Most of them will be used for a few seconds or even minutes, and they’ll live in a landfill forever. So carrying a tote is the right thing to do. They’re easy to fold and carry and most of the time they’re given away for free. Everybody must have at least a dozen lying around.

But what about their small size and that rainy day? Wouldn’t one want a better, bigger, waterproof tote that will carry the day? We got you covered!


Kali is the tall and elegant vegan tote bag you always wanted. Easy to fold and machine washable, it’s designed for shopping or work.


A waterproof tote to replace all

Enter our twin waterproof tote bags Kali and Netsa. Inspired by the classic large paper bags of premium quality, angular and roomy, they are the best tote you can carry. As always, they’re made from some really hard-wearing awning fabrics, our bread and butter. They’re completely waterproof and can be machine washed easily. You don’t even need to hang them to dry, really. Their volume is around 14 litres by the way, not exactly lightweights.

Anyway, the whole point of them is that a tote can be more than just a tote. It can be a carry-all, everyday bag that looks good and works wonders!

They come in two shapes, the tall and slender Kali and the wide and roomy Netsa. They’re named for our two favourite kitties and they’re as loving as they are. To keep things funky, they come in a two-colour scheme with one side in off-white and the other in a block colour or a floral pattern. Seven options to choose from then, and we promise each one is a one-off.


Netsa is the long and handy shopping bag. Roomy, with long shoulder straps and handy short ones, it fits all your groceries.


Vegan and sustainable

Oh, and we forgot the best part! These double straps are super handy. A short handle and a shoulder one will do the job whatever the occasion. Plus, they’re made from organic hemp, the most sustainable fibre there is. How about this? So there you have it. Vegan and super sustainable waterproof tote bags, that’ll carry anything you want.

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