Hello blog we say! We have so much to share with everyone, this is the place for it. Long rants, news, press and all that.

We are so excited about 3QUARTERS and the overwhelming feedback we get every day, we want to tell the whole world. Social media is good for staying in touch (you must be aware of our presence there, surely) but sometimes you need to say a little more, right? So this is the place for all this, our blog! We’ll be posting our news and updates, what the press says about 3Q and any crazy ideas we might have.

For start, our workshop in Athens will be open to the public very very soon. How about that eh? We’ll be able to have a coffee and a chat up close! But hold it, let’s not ruin the surprise. For now this a simple hello and welcome to our blog. We leave you with some pretty swans.


3QUARTERS Unique upcycled bags, handmade in Athens


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