It’s June, the weather is getting hotter and hotter and it’s time to hit the beach. What is the first thing needed? Where will the sunglasses, sunscreen, towel and magazine fit? Enter our brand new 3QUARTERS beach bag.

This is the beach bag!

A large, waterproof and super sturdy shoulder bag, our aptly named Sunny beach bag is everything you’ll need for many summers to come. Comfy and with loads of pockets, both internal and external, and lose straps to fit your towel (or yoga mat for that matter) it’s got it all! And it’s safe too! A long zip secures the opening flaps without compromising its capacity.

And as with all our bags, each one is a one off! With never to be repeated colours and patterns, every beach bag is truly unique. Find the one that is just you and make out yours. You’ll love it!

Where will you find them? In our shop of course. See you at the beach!