If you don’t know Neanikon you’re missing out. A blog with immense sensitivity, taste, and talent.

What’s that?

Vegan cake recipes, vintage marvels, a paperie, but above all a meditation on beautiful living. It’s all due to Aris, an immensely creative person with an even more beautiful flat under the Acropolis. He crafts the tastiest cakes, prints notebooks and postcards (all with vintage printing presses!), works with papier mache making donkey heads, sews the coolest summer caps and photographs all the above with a truly personal vision.


Aris and we have come really close this past year, there’s a chemistry there. In his blog, he occasionally features other creators and this time it was our turn. How can you say no to that? Neanikon really feels like home and we’re obviously honoured to be featured in it. We spent a whole day together, had a coffee or two and Aris did his magic with the camera. I was a nice day.

We’re super happy to have friends like this, it truly is. A big, big hug goes to Aris!

Read all about it now.